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About the Alliance of Independent 
Care & Support Workers

The Alliance of Independent Care & Support Workers is a membership organisation that directly links Care and Support workers with people who need help at home. 

Traditionally, people who require care or support at home employ the services of a domiciliary care agency. However, this approach often comes with problems of it's own.    An agency often has to send lots of different care workers who are trying to fit many clients into a short space of time. This can result in clients receiving care from workers who are not always known to them - as well as a rushed approach as workers hurry to get from call to call. 

Having a small, consistent team who is familiar with the patient’s needs is key in ensuring a safe and person centred approach to their care. It helps to build confidence and therapeutic relationships – as well as allowing for more direct – and therefore more effective communication channels.

As well as allowing you to personally select your care worker, this direct link approach is a win-win financially for both client and care worker. Without the 'middle man' of an agency, an independent care worker can charge a higher hourly rate hour – but the client will still normally pay a lower amount than what they would pay to an agency.

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Key Benefits 

  • Improved consistency of care workers
  • Improved knowledge of the patients care requirements
  • Improved consistency of visit times
  • Better communication between care workers, clients and their families
  • The ability to build long term, productive therapeutic relationships
  • A lower cost than a care agency, meaning extra care can be purchased as needed
  • A better rate of pay and improved working conditions for your care worker

The idea for the Alliance was borne from a conversation between 2 healthcare professionals - an Occupational Therapist and Nurse. Having seen firsthand, the extraordinary jobs that care and support workers they wanted to give both clients and care workers a different option. 

More and more clients are now realising the benefit of directly sourcing their own care. By providing these direct links, we can provide increased personalised care for the client, as well as an improved pay and standards of working for the care worker. 

All our members sign up to our Code of Conduct which outlines the high standards we expect from our membership. Additionally, they also have access to all the major clinical documents they need to provide a first class standard of care.