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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the questions we get asked most often.

What is the Alliance?  

We are a membership organisation that directly links care workers with people who need care at home

Why should I join?  

The Alliance is the first membership organisation of its kind in the UK. We are a national organisation that widely promotes our services to people who need care in order for them to directly link with care workers, thereby cutting out the traditional care agency ‘middle man’. Membership is your ‘badge of honour’ as an independent care worker.

What benefits do I get?  

As a member your profile has the potential to be seen by thousands of people who require care. By working independently you will also benefit from better working conditions (not having to rush from call to call!) and a much higher rate of pay (you set your own hourly rate)

We will support you and provide a range of membership benefits including clinical documentation, your own professional code of conduct, discounted offers from alliance partners as well as regular news updates.

Is it easy to join?  

It’s a very quick and simple process to join - it takes literally 5 minutes

What happens once I’ve joined?  

Once you have joined your details will be uploaded onto the website for service users to search. You will also receive access to all member resources – such as clinical documentation and our code of conduct.

I’ve never been worked independently before. Is it easy?  

It’s very easy and we support you every step of the way. We provide not only all your necessary clinical documents but other key things you will need – such as timesheets, a simple client contract, invoice template as well as tips on how you can further market yourself as an independent care worker.

Can I be a part time Independent care worker?  

Of course. We understand that some people may choose to work part time for an agency whilst they ‘test the water’ and just accept 1 or 2 clients on an independent basis. Other people are fully employed with independent care work, and enjoy the many benefits independent care work brings.