Care Workers Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the questions we get asked most often.

How do you differ from a care agency?  

We are an introduction platform which directly links people who need care with people who provide care, thereby cutting out the need for a ‘middle man’ agency.

How much will I be charged for care?  

Each care worker will usually have their own individual hourly rate and this will be negotiated directly between care worker and client. Hourly rates may vary from care worker to care worker due to factors such as level of qualifications, amount of experience and various other factors. But one of the great advantages is that you’ll be able to pay your care worker a much higher rate of pay then they would normally get from an agency.

Do the care rates include travel time?  

This is something that will be decided by each individual care worker and you can discuss directly with them.

Will I have to sign a contract?  

All our members have access to a simple service level agreement. We recommend that an agreement is signed in order to ensure both parties have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Is there a minimum contract length?  

This is something that the care worker and client will decide themselves but we believe it is prudent when working with a new care worker to stipulate a trail period to ensure both parties are happy with the arrangements.

What if my care worker goes on holiday or is off sick?  

Again this is something you will discuss directly with your care worker before you hire them. If you need a lot of care it may that you have a small team of care workers who are able to cover for each other’s holidays. Alternatively you may want to use the alliance to find a temporary replacement.

Is The Alliance registered with the CQC?  

We are an introductory platform and therefore not required to register with the CQC

Can I cancel a contract with the care worker?  

This will depend on the agreement that you and your care worker decide upon, but we suggest any service level agreement you sign details what will happen in this eventuality.

How do I use the site to find a care worker?  

The site is very easy to use. You simply type your postcode into the box, press search and a list of possible care workers will pop up for you to read through. You can also further narrow down your search by filtering your care workers via various different categories. 

If I see a care worker who I like how do I contact them?  

You simply click the ‘Contact this care worker’ button. A small form will pop up where you input your details and what care you need and the care worker will get back to you!

Can I contact more than one care worker?  

Of course. You can contact as many as you like. Via the 'Add to shortlist' icon the site also allows you to contact multiple care workers with just one enquiry form – this way you can compare and contrast your replies from care workers you are interested in.

Are all care workers vetted by the Alliance?  

No, we simply serve as an introduction platform. However, a care workers profile will tell you, in detail, about all the essential things you need to know and things that a care agency would normally check. This includes such things as if they are DBS checked, if they are insured and their experience in care work.

What happens when a care worker responds?  

If you get a response from someone you feel may be suitable, the next stage would be to talk to them over the telephone or to meet them in person. This way you can ask questions, check references and verify documentation. We support you throughout this process and have provided some useful guides for ou - such as questions you might like to ask your potential care worker. To go to this section please click here

Is the care worker employed by me?  

No, the care worker is an independent and is self employed. The care worker will simply invoice you and you pay the invoice amount. This means you don’t have to worry about holiday pay, PAYE or any other employment requirements.

Do the Alliance get involved in the client/care worker relationship?  

No we are merely an introduction platform. The relationship between care worker and client is managed directly and can be incredibly beneficial to both care workers and clients as it allows for much clearer, effective and safer care and communication.